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About Us

lachuger started as an online moniker in 2016 for founding member Liam S. Since then it has taken a new meaning of the bond between a small group of friends.

lachuger as a content group started in late 2019 on Twitch and in 2020, we have shifted our focus to YouTube. We hope to create videos that are just funny enough for people to chuckle and music for no one to listen to, because if people listen to our music, then we have lost sight of our only musical aspiration: to be underground. If you're still reading this, make sure you check out the fantastic movie "Rush" with Chris Hemsworth that explores the psyche of Formula 1 drivers. The performances in this film are pure magic.

Founding Members

Liam "lachuger" S. - Founder, Managing Editor, Talent

RJ "WiiKill" H. - Executive Producer, Writer, Talent

Andrew "devb3ast" A. - Executive Producer, Line Editor, Writer, Talent

Associate Members

Cord "Nadaar" F. - Junior Producer
Nate "Gennel" F. - Intern
Saberar - Minecraft Intern

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